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Building an RC Battery Pack - A Fundamental How-To

If you're keen on RC, you understand the necessity of a battery pack. The sort of batteries you choose, how very well your pack is assembled and how competently you cost them are all critical areas to powering your RC automobile. Certain, You should buy a battery pack pre-assembled, but You may as well Construct your own and obtain the pleasure of building and powering your own personal automobile.

The very first thing you have to do is when you select To place alongside one another a battery pack is what you're powering and simply how much juice you require. Additionally you will need to think about the next:

one. Consider the chassis within your car. The sort of vehicle isn't going to make any difference just as much as the level of House in which You need to maneuver. The batteries could have to be oriented in the flat pack, a clustered pack or as both of those. It's also wise to give thought to the distribution of excess weight as part of your motor vehicle - if the battery fat will likely be distributed in a very side to aspect or again to front manner. In some cases your chassis House for just a battery pack isn't adaptable, so pay attention to All those constraints Before you begin.

two. Consider the motor powering your RC automobile. With regards to the energy needs, you'll decide the amount of batteries or cells you will need. This is certainly also after you can choose the sort of batteries you will use - if you'd like to keep your NiMH batteries or improve to LiPo.

3. Identifying your voltage can be a easy matter of addition. A regular cell voltage is 1.2v, so wired in a very collection - 12 batteries will insert up to 14.4v - which would power an 14.four volt RC electric motor.

Future, you'll need to gather your battery pack materials - so This is a sample buying record. Don't forget, we are assuming we are making a battery pack with fourteen.4v, as in the example earlier mentioned:

o twelve Batteries or Battery Cells

o 12 Battery Bars (you'll be able to purchase battery bars in bulk if you intend to create multiple pack and preserve $)

o Wire: You will need an increased quality 12 gage which has a large strand depend. Such a wire, with these attributes is going to be a lot more flexible which is ideal and currently being a lot more efficient for energy transmission.

o eighty-100 Watt Soldering Gun. You'll be wanting a gun since you may be extra correct and quicker - this is essential as a result of warmth sensitivity of batteries. The a lot quicker and much more particular it is possible to be, the more unlikely You will be to wreck the battery.

o sixty/40 Solder. This can be bigger high-quality - also critical for brief and accurate do the job and keeping away from battery destruction.

o Flux. This can be a chemical cleansing agent that gets rid of oxidation from metal to facilitate soldering. You can use liquid or paste flux when assembling a battery pack.

o Shoo Goo or Goop. This quick drying adhesive will probably be accustomed to bundle the batteries alongside one another.

o Battery Pack Assembly Jig - optional. These assembly gadgets align the batteries properly and facilitate a tidy battery pack. The batteries finish up basically hunting like twine wood - Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) Battery tidily bundled.

o Soldering "Helping Palms" - optional. These products let you keep points set up As you solder.

o Another optional timesaver is to obtain a "Encouraging Fingers" accessory for your soldering station.

o Multi Meter. You need a great multimeter to test voltage and polarity.

o Wire strippers and Wire Cutters. These applications can assist you take care of, strip and properly Reduce your 12 gage wire.

o The final component is the shrink wrap which can go across the entire assembly and continue to keep it tidy. You can also have to have a heat gun to warmth and shrink the wrap.

So, you've got discovered how you can orient your batteries and the quantity of you need - now you get to operate on assembly. For this example, we are assembling 12 battery cells - 6 down one facet and 6 down the opposite.

Once you discover exactly where the batteries are likely in relation to your chassis And the way they're going for being laid out, you'll be able to begin. For this instance, for instance we're executing 6 down a single side and six down another side.

Just to make certain we are on the identical site, the final word intention Here's to become operating wire within the positive terminal of your initial battery on the positive terminal on the electric RC motor then running a wire from your unfavorable terminal on the last battery with your pack to your favourable terminal of the other battery pack, thus creating a accomplished circuit.

This necessarily mean you must have sufficient wire to reach through the positive terminal of the first battery to that terminal and likewise from your negative to complete the circuit with the other battery pack so bear that in mind.

Orientation. Align your initial mobile so that constructive is pointing "upwards" and negative is pointing "downwards" and afterwards reverse the subsequent battery so It can be reverse on down the line. If you bought the battery assembly jig, This is often after you'd utilize it to align your cells and hold them in position.

Adhere. Stick many of the batteries along with your quick drying adhesive to They may be as a way and aligned adequately.

Flux. Make use of your flux now about the connection points.

Relationship - Use your battery bars to connect your cells. You'll have to heat up your soldering gun and warmth up the battery bar. Utilizing the bar safeguards the battery and when the flux begins to bubble, you hire your usage of solder. The purpose is not to heat the battery alone. Heating the battery is not only counterproductive, considering that in case you harm the battery it is not going to do the job, but in addition dangerous because the cell may well explode if overheated.

You will need to finish a similar steps with the remaining battery connections. You will be connecting the adverse to your optimistic time and again once more. You will then be Prepared to connect wiring to the battery pack.

The wires need to be pre-tinned which signify you should strip off a quarter inch from the protective plastic wiring sheath, use the flux to scrub them - implement the flux liberally - heat your solder gun and then heat the wire and stream the solder into your wire right until thoroughly saturated. You may also want solder on the batteries so the solder will act given that the connector Along with the battery.

After the two, 6 cell battery packs are entire, you will need to employ the shrink wrap to protected them - and you'll have your entire battery pack! Now you'll be able to energy and fly your RC helicopter, plane, boat, car or truck without having troubles!